Zocalito, meaning “little plaza”, brings the Oaxaca region of Mexico to the restaurant patron experience.  As visitors approach the restaurant, the Oaxaca culture floods into the “little plaza” which is defined by a rusted Corten screen wall with large planters filled with local plants. A back-lit screen wall provides transparency, light, and life. Life and activity is abundant at the fire table, open seating adorned with string lights and beneath brightly colored canopies. The Oaxacan culture envelops visitors, in a truly unique and lively dining experience.

Operable walls allow indoor seating to flow outside to the activities of the patio.

The highly articulated bar is adjacent to the patio and activated by Oaxacan region murals, natural Mexican wood and a glass back wall stocked with an assortment of Mexican liquors. The general dining experience embraces visitors with comfortable seating, natural Mexican wood furniture and screen wall privacy panels that are all surrounded by local Oaxacan art work.



Denver, Colorado


February 2019


3,858 sf