Willard & Hallet Halls


The recommissioning of Willard and Hallet Halls was to convert the buildings back to student housing while providing necessary code upgrades and much-needed student amenities. Willard Hall was built in 1948 and was operating as a mixed office space. Specific challenges included creating new circulation and entry locations, student service areas, accessible routes, and single-point access security locations. The main entry now provides new study spaces, a lecture hall, student lounge, recreation room, and a 24/7 reception desk, all featuring new finishes and furniture and completely remodeled restrooms on each floor. A specialty apartment suite was provided for senior resident advisors that is fully contained.

Hallet Hall was completed 34% under budget and renovated in 10 weeks thru the summer and ready for student occupancy 2 weeks early.

Originally built in 1953, Hallet Hall’s basement had been converted to offices over the years. For recommissioning, the basement was completely demolished and rebuilt with 65 modern double occupant student rooms, four co-ed restrooms, a study room, lounge space, and multiple areas for student interaction. ADA student rooms and services were also provided.


Boulder, Colorado


Fall 2011


108,500 sf