People’s Building


The People’s Building of Aurora project is a wonderful adaptive reuse of a historic, 1948 commercial retail building located on Colfax Boulevard, in the Aurora Cultural Arts District. The 8,500-sf main level will be divided into a 5,200-sf theater and multi-purpose space. The adjoining space will be a theme restaurant and bar. The basement space will be renovated as a flexible and alternative space that will provide affordable public space for meetings, classes in the arts, dance or educational. It can also be utilized for support of the above theater space and additional community space.

The potential to revitalize this corner of Colfax and be a supporting element in the growth of the Aurora Cultural Art District is the basis of the design elements.

The building was renovated to capitalize on the historic feature that include 20-foot lofted barrel vault trusses, glazed block, steel framed windows and wood floors. Retractable theater seating allows for the theater to be transformed into exhibition space for local maker space.


Aurora, Colorado


October 2016


15,800 sf