Mason's Dumpling Shop


Mason’s Dumpling Shop is a fast, casual Asian dumpling restaurant. As part of the City of Aurora’s revitalization projects, the City of Aurora Urban Renewal/Redevelopment and the restaurateur worked in conjunction with the building owner to renovate the freestanding building that had previously been operating as a bar.

A streamlined modern space that operates as a casual dining room with counter service was created.

Interior finishes were kept simple to reflect the “Feng Shui” approach with light, form, and prescriptive use of natural materials. Along with exterior and interior renovations, storefront glass was added to improve curb appeal and allow for visual transparency. Wood lattice on the exterior creates a visual break in the façade while diffusing sunlight into the space, preventing glare and fading, and it also protects the storefront along the sidewalk.


Aurora, Colorado


Fall 2019


2,855 sf