By applying a holistic approach to integrating design in balance with nature we find Gilthurien “Hidden Star” nestled within the wooded hillside, an artistic luxury mountain home that heightens the experience in nature while providing net-zero operation with off-grid capabilities.

Gilthurien is a place to recharge amongst nature, with areas of discovery within the interior environment. Life is slow, relaxed, and meaningful here.

The approach to the home focuses the individual to discover their mountain surroundings and the views beyond. As two spatial elements interact together through an inverse twisting that is based on the surrounding contours and resulting mountain views a balance of volumes emerge connected by a stair and grand entry.  The open environment maximizes light to the home while focusing on views and indoor-outdoor connections throughout. The vertical orientation of the three levels is representative of the ideas of Rest, Spirit, and Breath to nurture the soul with each level offering public and private space.


Evergreen, Colorado




6,816 sf