Centennial Theater Pikes Peak State College


LEED Certified, USGBC – The Centennial Theater is located on the campus of the Pikes Peak State College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The theater department had been suffering from the deficiency of the original 30 year old facility.

The new theater design creates a larger stage and a wrap around balcony to enhance the intimacy between actors and patrons.

The original theater was gutted and the demolition of an old ceiling provided space for a new balcony. The seating capacity was increased from 300 to 406 seats through a reconfiguration of the layout. A larger and reconfigured stage accommodates for bigger musical, theater and dance performances. The theater is equipped with a LED performance lighting system, which is the first in an academic setting in the State of Colorado. With the sustainable features this theater achieved LEED certification.


Colorado Springs, Colorado




11,000 sf