Celebration Plaza and Parking Structure


Calvary Episcopal Church was established in 1867 and the original church building is on the national historic register and is an icon in the Golden Community. Architectural Workshop has been working with the church for over 15 years on multiple phases. Phase 4 is the Celebration Plaza and Parking Garage. Turning the steep street of Arapahoe and adjoining parking spaces into a pedestrian connection and parking garage that offers community spaces and improved accessibility.

The pedestrian connection will consist of a series of steps and landings that will join the surrounding buildings owned by Calvary into a small campus offering outdoor space for events and gatherings that encourage community use and engagement.  

These additions to the Calvary campus will be open for use to the City of Golden creating more parking for downtown businesses and a community event space to enhance the relationship between Calvary and the city. The plaza incorporates the infrastructure for theater productions using the tiered landscaping as seating as well as the top deck of the parking garage that is designed to host large gatherings. There is a tumbling water feature that provides the sound of flowing water along with lush landscaping to create a tranquil place of reflection in the city.


Golden, Colorado


December 2019


Plaza: 8,780 sf

Garage: 29,740 sf