Calvary Episcopal Church


The Calvary Episcopal Church was first constructed in 1879 and is the oldest church structure in Colorado. Through the years, the church has acquired adjacent buildings to house their offices and classrooms. In 2000 a ‘Great Hall’ was added on the opposite side of the one acre lot. The newest addition is a connecting structure between the ‘historic’ icon and the Great Hall.

The main feature of the new addition is the exterior cloister walkway with repeating Gothic arches.

The new addition links the two existing facilities and is designed with a French Gothic style in mind. The education and administrative wing includes a new entry with lobby, classrooms, administrative offices, support spaces and numerous breakout spaces for intimate gatherings. The cloister walkway allows protected circulation between buildings and provides natural light for the offices and lobby beyond while shading the windows from direct sunlight. The second floor balcony lets patrons enjoy the views and activities in the courtyard.


Golden, Colorado




Renovation 16,000 sf
Addition 9,000 sf


Gold Award - Religious Facility, Hard Hat Awards 2008