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Architectural Workshop was founded by Mark Bowers in 1999. The formation arose from a common desire to provide a greater level of design, innovation and excellence in architecture. Architectural Workshop is based upon a Design Team approach. Our experience shows that the best project solutions come from a qualified team of design professionals that have a history together of problem solving and creative solutions.

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To foster a higher level of creativity and exploration of architectural design, a workshop environment was created and continues to be the model for our office. Our Design Team is able to find solutions and propose options that other firms have often overlooked because of our thorough and collaborative process.

Architectural Workshop
Architectural Workshop
Architectural Workshop

From our 20 years in business and over 160 plus years of combined experience, we have found that owners want the best solutions possible. We have responded to these needs by creating a collaborative open workshop environment. The workshop environment brings all relevant parties to the table, including owners, engineers, designers and contractors to work together to find the best solutions for a successful project.

our philosophy

We approach every project with passion, enthusiasm and a commitment to quality that has resulted in projects that are consistently within budget, on schedule and exceed the owners’ expectations. Architectural Workshop is committed to taking ordinary projects and making them extraordinary.

Architectural Workshop’s passion is to create architecture that incorporates the art of form, function and beauty that goes beyond the utilitarian to touch the emotions.  We continue to work toward this goal with creativity, innovation, sustainability and uniqueness

Our design approach for every project incorporates the four design criteria defined below:


Creativity is the ability to see beyond the obvious, to imagine a design solution that allows a project to go beyond its constraints and archive the highest level of architecture possible.


Innovation takes the available resources and using experience, knowledge and talent builds a composition where the total is greater than the sum of its parts.


Sustainable design seeks out the most practical balance between the natural and the built environment through a careful combination of the site amenities, construction methods and building materials.


Every project, like every living object, should be wonderfully created to be unique to its location, its function and to the purpose for which it is intended.